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        Effective promotion system equipment
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        product: NE series board chain bucket elevator
        product information:

        & nbsp; NE plate chain bucket elevator is the company’s board of foreign chain technology, developed a new series of plates Paternosters,
        efficient high-capacity bucket elevator, is widely used in building materials, chemicals conveying mines, thermal power, metallurgy and other transportation industries, especially for bulk materials for cement production enterprises large and abrasive materials.

        transport large energy-saving products

        & nbsp; with large capacity hopper and a smaller bucket away, driving power is low and the throughput of up to 800m3 / h. Feeding way into the feeder, heavy
        force induction discharge. Intensive use of large-capacity bucket arrangement conveying, transport volume.

        to enhance a wide range of

        & nbsp; This type of fighting machine can not only enhance the powdery, granular and bulk materials and can enhance the abrasive material, the material temperature ≤250 ℃.

        appearance comply with environmental design requirements

        & nbsp; chassis with beading hem manufacturing, all-welded chassis, good sealing performance, high intensity did overall rigidity, less environmental pollution.
        & Nbsp; the drive and run components:
        & nbsp; running parts from the hopper and the sleeve Gunzi chain components. NE30 single row chain, NE50 over with double chain.
        & Nbsp; in the form of drive motor + reducer + chain drive, gear type with hardened ZLY or ZSY. Drive platform designed according to user needs overhaul aircraft and railings.

        Technical Data Sheet


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        NE series board chain bucket elevator overall and mounting dimensions



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