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        product: NSE series of high-speed board chain bucket elevat
        product information:

        I. Overview

        & nbsp; NSE series of high-speed board chain bucket elevator is the introduction of a new vertical of similar foreign products advanced technology development lifting equipment. In industrial countries, these products are widely used to enhance the powdery and granular materials.

        & nbsp; NSE series board chain bucket elevator There are nine basic models: NSE100, NSE200, NSE300, NSE400, NSE500, NSE600, NSE700, NSE800, NSE1000, each model depending on the transport of materials, selection different lifting speeds, the maximum lifting speed ≤70m / min, maximum lifting height 65m. In addition, the company also based on user requirements and design transport capacity between the above models extend the range of models.

        Second, the characteristics


        Third, the technical specification


        four, Model Description


        V, structural

        NSE plate chain hoist from moving parts, drives, upper unit, the lower unit composed of the central cabinet.
        Moving parts - from the hopper and high strength plate chains.
        Drive - by drive platform, drive combination, transmission chains. Usually driven by a combination of ZSY Hardened reducer, YOX fluid coupling, Y series motor, speed reducer repair with XWD, manual clutch (or electromagnetic clutch) components.
        Drive unit mounted left and right sub-loaded two kinds. And hoist the left and right respectively corresponding equipment.
        Left loaded: the face of the inlet side, and drive means combination of the transmission chain on the left cabinet.
        Right mounted: the face of the inlet side, and drive means combination of drive chain on the right side of the cabinet.
        Upper unit - the upper housing (mounted track), on the cover, discharge port (equipped with anti-material back plate), the first shaft assembly, and other parts of the backstop.
        Central cabinet - and with the support of the first section is divided into the middle section of the upper unit coupled with the door in the middle section view, the standard middle section (both 3.0 meters high), and 1 meter, 1.5 meters high in the middle section of the non-standard so enhance the function of a file to 0.5 m to obtain different heights.
        The lower device - including the lower housing, feed, tail shaft, tensioning devices, and a rotation detector, grain position switch for matching.

        six, power equipment

        & nbsp; NSE100,200,300,400,500 hoist lifting capacity, lifting height and power with the table are shown in Table 2-5. Election NSE600,700, when
        800,1000 type hoist, please contact our technical department.




        Note: Table 2, Table 3, Table 4

        1, throughput: hopper fill factor of 0.6 calculated.
        2, corresponding to a maximum height of power can improve: standby power factor of 1.3 has been considered.
        3, exceeds or does not meet the above requirements please contact our technical department. Please type conveyor when using strong
        4, lifting height greater than 34m.



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