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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD., located in the beautiful shore of chaohu lake, located in the famous national provincial drought chain industrial park, south places of huangshan mountain and jiuhuashan mountain, adjacent to the provincial capital of hefei, or rather high speed, called high-speed, beijing-fuzhou high-speed, beijing-kowloon

        Habitat and the rail wear, waterway transportation is convenient.

        Company was founded in the mid - eighty - s, covers an area of 180 mu, total assets of 465 million yuan, has three subsidiaries: anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD., Anhui Saiwei conveyer equipment Co.,  Ltd., anhui MingFeng heavy industry machinery co., LTD.

        "Anhui sanhe heavy industry machinery co., LTD." has advanced technology, sophisticated processing equipment, perfect quality management and after-sales service system, the company's products are manufactured by the mediator property co., LTD., the quality of the product liability insurance. The factory qualified products

        Rate was 100%, customer satisfaction rate above 98%, 2001 and successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 version of the replacement work, and in 2009 obtained the import and export enterprise qualification certificate of the People's Republic of China. Company was awarded the "contracts and keep promise", "AA + grade credit enterprise"

        , "measurement qualified enterprises", the lifting transportation machinery industry "trustworthy product and enterprise", "star enterprise" and other honors and certificates. And become a key member of the national transportation equipment industry, and the transportation industry outstanding enterprises.

        The company leading product, TGD series steel wire adhesive tape winding machine, the NSE series high-speed plate chain hoist, NE plate chain hoist series, FU chain conveyor, belt conveyor, air delivery chute, environmental protection dust removal equipment and accessories production and research and development. And according to

        The needs of users, to provide non-standard product design, production, installation and other one-stop services, products widely used in building materials, mining, coal, electricity, environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc.

        Companies adhere to science and technology as the guide, strictly enforce standards, to provide customers with first-class products, rely on scientific and technological progress is...... "world brand, set up national industry.

        For each customer is our purpose, adhering to the anhui merchants, sincere letter, it is our business philosophy.

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